Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why the yield of my toner cartridge is less than the yield marked on the label ?

A. As we said the yield marked on the label is 5% of an A4 paper according to the international standards. Sometimes when you printing the picture or the whole page documents , it is definitely more than 5% coverage. So it can not reach the yield marked on the label .


Q. What are the differences between compatible and remanufactured toner cartridges ?

A. Compatible toner cartridge is manufactured from overseas and making the whole cartridge in the factory by using the materials. Remanufactured toner cartridges is that we recycled the local original empty toner cartridges , cleaning and change the chips and drums . Then assembly all the parts back and refill the toner . So the quality can be guaranteed.


Q. Which one can save more money for me ? Ink cartridge and toner cartridge ?

A. As we have low demand of printing and print frequency is not such high , the ink cartridges are much popular among us. But the head of the ink cartridges are easy to congestion if not using frequently . But the Laserjet printer is using the toner cartridges . It won’t have this kind of problems for toner cartridges only if in the dry and normal temperature environment. So it is more economy that using a toner cartridge printer for the family or small businesses.


Q. Colour LaserJet printer can save toner by less using the single colour ?

A. As for the colour laserjet user , the toner was adjusted the colour by themselves to showed on the paper. , so that is why only four toner cartridges can print out all different colours. If the user need to save the toner , they can select black and white printing only . It can save a lot .


Q. Is it more efficiency that I switch on the printer only when I am using ?

A. Every time you switch on the printer , printer will do the self check . Sometimes it will print the test page automatically , so it will waste the consumables . And the printer will warm up at the same time , so it will cost more power. So it is not more efficiency that you switch on the printer only when you are using.


Q. Do I have to use the CD to install the new printer ?

A. When you change the computers and install the printer again , you may lost the CD . Do not worry , you can download the drive online now. Just download the driver on the official website. It will offer you all the model of the printer. So you do not have to use the CD to install a new printer.

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